Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Owen's First Days Home

The first excitement for Owen was meeting our cat, Wojo. Owen was fascinated and kept trying to put his face in Wojo's fur - the result was a close-up of the cat's rear end since he was trying to get away as fast as possible! When Wojo finally settled down, Owen laid his head on Wojo's side and stayed there until Wojo finally got up.

The first morning in his new home Owen would whine if Tracy or I left the room. As the day progressed, he walked around the house and felt comfortable enough to go to into his own room and start playing with toys by himself. Alexa can be found in Owen's room more times than her brother. Speaking of which, the first nap Owen took in his crib turned into a slumber party as Alexa slept UNDER the crib! Every night since, Alexa has made a bed there and fallen asleep - although she eventually comes out the first time she awakens in the night. We had to buy her a sleeping bag to make it more comfortable - so she is sleepover ready now for all of you who have friends of Alexa in your house:)

After all the success in the bathtub, it was no surprise Owen enjoyed the pool. We have a floaty for him and he will stand on the steps and play with toys. He has no fear of getting his face in the water. Today, Tracy and I were pushing him back and forth -Owen would purposely put his head in the water and then laugh when we grabbed him. He is just as brave in the bathtub and I recommend coming to watch if you need a good laugh!

Tracy's parents visited on Sunday and he acted with them just like he did on our first trip - interested but quiet and passive. By the end of the short visit he let his grandmother hold him and play with him. Interestingly, Alexa wanted to play by herself instead of with her grandparents. My mother will be in town this weekend , so we'll see how she acts this time (I'm sure Owen will be is normal wonderful self!).

On Monday, the dogs came home from boarding and Owen showed no fear. He wanted to touch them badly although they just wanted to jump on me and Tracy. We appreciate the way the dogs clean-up after Owen, but he doesn't appreciate the way they try to steal the food out of his hand! Owen does like when Raven licks him while he's eating in his highchair. Today, he was grabbing Archie's tail and rubbing it on his face - like I did to him with the zebra rocking horse during our second trip. I'm really happy he isn't allergic to any of the animals!

This morning Owen had his first doctor's appointment, which includes duplicating all of the vaccinations and bloodtest history just to be safe. The poor guy woke-up a little grumpy and was whiny during the 30 minute wait. Surprisingly, he was perfectly still and quiet as the nurse measured him and the doctor checked him out! Owen stares very intently and shows no signs of fear or stress. He acted like nothing was happening as he had his blood drawn! Then came the vaccinations. The first thing was the one where a needle is used to make a bubble on the forearm - Owen was not pleased. Next came three shots to the legs and he was doing that cry where there is no noise for 15 seconds (the calm before the storm) then the scream of bloody murder. As a parent, you tell yourself that this is what the baby needs but then still feel awful watching someone else make your baby feel that way. Can't wait until the next visit in two weeks:(

Overall, Owen is doing very well. He laughs a lot and loves trying to figure things out. He has been whiny as his body adjusts to the new time zone and schedule. I think we may have his sleeping and eating schedule set now. He eats everything we give him (and sometimes things he unfortunately finds elsewhere!) although sometimes it takes him a bit to decide he wants to eat something. We couldn't be happier and wouldn't change a thing about him! Alexa does her best to be a good big sister. She has been really tired due to the travel, stress, and pink-eye though. Tracy and I could use more sleep even though Owen has yet to wake-up in the middle of the night (knock on wood). I'm still getting used to saying I'm a father of two or we're a family of four. Since we got Owen's referral it has always been weird answering questions like "How many children do you have?" When Alexa was asked if she had any brothers or sisters, she would always look at me first. Well, thankfully that is finally over!

I know I need to post some more pictures (and take more plus video!) so that will be my goal over the next couple of days. Check back soon for the latest and greatest Kosofsky Family moments and thank you for all the wonderful sentiments you've expressed for Owen and the rest of us!!

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Shawn said...

Sounds like you guys are doing a fabulous job at making both of the kids feel welcome, loved and secure! Keep up the good work and wishing you many more nights of uninterrupted sleep!