Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun with Owen

Owen is really a fun little guy - he loves to laugh and is so social! In an early post, I wrote about how he shows more affection for Tracy and just seems more comfortable with her. Now I feel Owen treats us about the same. In the last couple of days, he's started to give us kisses- he leans and opens his mouth slightly then kind of blows gently. It is so sweet! On the not -so-sweet front: Owen has always been a good eater but the last couple days he could eat all day - and his diapers are taking the brunt of it;) Hopefully, this signals a growth spurt...

We've added a few more things to his fun arsenal. He likes to go down the slide (assisted) into the pool. He loves for me to throw him in the air and then let him land somewhat roughly on the bed - don't worry, I'm holding him most of the way! Just generally, he loves to copy us - especially sticking his tongue out or making the same sound. Maybe I'm just being the "Dad", but I don't think his verbal skills will be delayed like normal adoptions from non-English speaking countries. He really seems to be trying out a new sound each day. Yesterday, it really seemed like he was saying "Mama" on purpose to Tracy (doubtful, I know)! Plus, having an older sister somewhat close in age should be an advantage.

Anyway, we are really enjoying our new edition in case you didn't notice;) Tracy and I were discussing how much easier it is the second time with a baby. It's not that Alexa was uncommonly difficult, just that we stressed about small things and didn't know how to act with a baby. Owen makes it easier though by being so easy to please. There's really only one area where I can complain - he throws a fit every time we put him in his crib for sleep. I find it odd only because he was raised in an orphanage where things are usually run on a tight schedule. The good thing is that he always settles down within 10 minutes (often less) and sleeps through the night! It's probably just more proof Owen was an orphanage favorite.

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