Monday, August 17, 2009

A Busy Weekend

On Saturday we decided to take Owen on his first trip to the beach. The sky matched his morning disposition - storm clouds! For the most part, Owen is a pretty happy kid, quick to smile and tolerant of obstacles that slow him down (or jump up to knock him down). Clearly, we took him out of the crib on the wrong side that day! Undeterred, we took the little grump and the excited Alexa - crossing our fingers the clouds would blow over. By the time I arrived on the beach (after dropping everyone off while I found a parking space) Owen was miserable! He hated the salty water. He hated the sand - especially the way it got in his mouth and on his face when he sucked his thumb. He didn't care that we had fun digging toys, floating things and a bucket. He loved sitting down and having a fit after each attempt to cheer him up. Things did not look good. To give everyone a little break, we adjourned to the blanket for a snack. Maybe it was the food or the blanket or the short respite- but whatever it was it worked!! Owen was a changed little man and everyone got to have some fun on the beach. Nothing amazing happened as we kept the trip short in hopes of maintaining the now good experience...

The other big event was the car-washing/water balloon fight. All day Sunday, Alexa asked when the car-washing would commence. It was also supposed to be a big secret that she and Tracy bought water balloons. I feigned ignorance about the whole plot despite Alexa's numerous slip-ups. When the time finally came, Mommy and Daddy did most of the work while Owen tortured us by walking to the end of the driveway and then coming back. Alexa also suddenly had great interest in riding her bike. Fortunately, the water balloons quickly became a true family endeavor! Alexa just wanted to hit Daddy with balloons. Owen just wanted to see the balloons pop - something that was surprisingly difficult. Getting a balloon to actually burst on someone was nearly impossible as the ground took the brunt of our attacks! On his own, Owen decided that biting the balloon yielded the quickest results. Biting is actually a popular interaction with inanimate objects - he loves to bite buttons on the shirt you are wearing, looking like a vampire. In the end - and after many duds - we all were soaked and water satiated.

One of Owen's favorite games is passing objects back and forth with one of us. Only he likes to do it mouth-to-mouth! Owen will hold anything he can in his teeth and then aim it at your your mouth. Once you take it, he has a quick laugh and then opens his mouth for you to return it. This game would probably go on in perpetuity he any of us were patient enough!

Owen loves to climb in things, on things, or over things all by himself. We have a small swing attached to the small slide by the pool. Owen could climb in and out of it the whole time we are outside. Alexa also introduced him to the baby-sized fire truck outside and somehow rode with him. Now Owen has to have his fire truck time when we go swimming. I know I will experience what most father's feel with their sons - the hope that he likes the "guy" things we liked and think he should like as well. So far, Owen hasn't disappointed! He is every bit the "boy" - totally fearless, loves rough-housing, enjoys balls, climbs everything, and likes cars/trucks. BTW, I think Alexa is just the "girl" Tracy wanted as well...

Here are some more pictures for those making requests:

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