Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving in Virginia

We spent this Thanksgiving visiting family in the DC area and had a great time. I think Tracy was just excited to dress Alexa in winter clothing - and, of course, she had to buy some news ones as well!

So, what is the first you do when you get to Virginia in late November? Go swimming of course! Alexa's cousins volunteered to come pick us up from the hotel if they got to use the pool. Naturally, the hotel wasn't expecting any swimmers so we had to sneak in. The good news is that we got in. The bad news was that we got in because the doors leading to the courtyard were broken and wouldn't close completely. So, the heated whirlpool saw the most action...

The kids pretty much played all day every day and got along fabulously! Alexa got to try making S'mores and playing in leaves - both were a big hit!

The food was great but the company was better...

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