Saturday, January 17, 2009

2008 Holiday Season - Part 1

Well, I'm finally getting around to the long overdue December update - or I should say updates! I blame my procrastination on the volume of events and, of course, college basketball. Between all the preparations, school activities, family visits and celebrations, the month absolutely flew by! Here's what Christmas looks like in South Florida:

Alexa has gotten to a really fun age for, well, pretty much any event - although she does occasionally decide to act her age. Such was the case when we went to a special "Behind-the-scenes of the Nutcracker" show. Alexa is in her second year of ballet and tap, and was very excited to see "real" dancers perform. The show was very interesting. The director brought out several dancers and had them demonstrate various ballet movements and people were allowed to ask questions. Then the dancers performed many of the scenes in full costumes. Unfortunately, Alexa's patience for sitting still ran-out almost immediately due to the abundance of other children around.

Other parents have described their children as progressing through alternating six-month cycles: one in which the child is an angel and another where the child such angel. December was the end of one of the latter periods for Alexa. To be fair, there was so much going on I'm sure she wasn't getting enough sleep and was overstimulated. I know for those of you who've met Alexa, it is hard to believe. Trust me, the halo does disappear. However, I'm not here to disparage my daughter because she was very sweet most of the time and you won't see any pictures that show otherwise.

Stay tuned for the more jolly updates coming VERY soon - no seriously, I promise!

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