Friday, April 3, 2009

Morocco Pictures - Rabat and Casablanca

One thing I didn't mention in the last post was the large number of cats roaming Morocco. This was a nice thing for Alexa, but a not-so-nice thing for Tracy who was worried about what Alexa could catch if she petted them. I visited Israel several years ago and saw the same thing. I'm not sure what it means, but I'm bringing it up because you will see a cat in this picture of the Royal Palace in Rabat.

Next, we visited the ancient ruins at Chellah -built by the Romans. The interesting thing, other than the ruins themselves, were the large birds who had nests on the newer towers. Also, there were about 30 cats gathered near a man-made pool that featured a couple of violet fish, which might have been eels. Unfortunately, we could never get an explanation so I'll just call them "eels" since that is more interesting...

In contrast, we also visited the largest mosque in Morocco located in Casablanca and completed very recently - Hassan II Mosque:
This picture gives you some idea of the size of the mosque as well as its detail and beauty:

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