Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rides Schmides

We recently took a trip up to Orlando. This is something we do every 3-4 months when we have gone too long without paying exorbitant prices for food and standing in close proximity to total strangers for hours at a time. That isn't totally true - I have a lot of family there as well and we typically spend our time away from Disney visiting with them. This trip was necessary because we bought 4-day passes that would expire soon.

The game plan was to hit Disney Hollywood Studios (nee MGM Studios) for the first time and Animal Kingdom for the third time (this is our "goto" park because Alexa can't get enough of animals and it is small enough to see what we need to and still leave early if necessary). Of course, Alexa is super excited and can't wait to get into the park. Disney is great for 4-year-olds because pretty much everything is exciting to them: the drive to the park, figuring out which character section we are parked in, riding the tram to the entrance, going through security for our bags that they don't have to carry, putting the ticket in the turnstile machine, and..oh wait, look a character a can stand in line to see BEFORE we even get inside! Alexa loves the characters - and I mean LOVES - to the point of being pathological. If she starts to seem sleepy or irritable (usually related events), Tracy just says "Look, Alexa, some obscure character that you can hug and get your picture taken next to!" and we are off. Honestly, this is my favorite part as well. Alexa always hugs until she is forced to let go and gives each character a kiss. Basically, the rides, the shows, the exhibits and the eating are just things to pass the time until the next character encounter. So, as much as I'd love to recount all the shows and rides we enjoyed on the trip, nothing better summarizes our adventure than Alexa with all the characters.

Alexa did get to visit with her great grandparents as well...

And we did actual see some animals and go on a ride or two...

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